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Antibiotics affect the immune system of the body. Antibiotic therapy may prevent or reduce the development of disease. Antibiotic therapies can also reduce morbidity associated with infections. Antibiotic resistance is considered the main concern regarding the use of antibiotics due to the fact that even very low doses are needed to eradicate a dangerous, resistant strain of bacteria, elitemedshop.com. This resistance could result in severe harm. However, resistance to antibiotics is not found in all species of bacteria.
The number one concern that needs to be covered in treatment guidelines with regard to the use of antibiotics is treatment efficiency, the time required for treatment, and patient safety. The use of less effective treatment regimens for particular drugs may result in decreased effectiveness and decreased overall effectiveness. An increasing percentage of patients have also reported being unable to improve at all with current drug regimens. This is true of both antibiotics and non-therapeutic therapies as well. It is important to distinguish between a drug efficacy that is related to its ability to cure specific diseases, and that of a general cure rate that is dependent on the relative strength of the immune response.

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