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How effective is the oral contraceptive pill?
While it is possible to achieve pregnancy from injection. The Pill remains a contraceptive method for some women, although this is controversial. It is safe if it is taken with adequate care and if the dosage is correct. The Pill is an inexpensive method of birth control that does not have side effects which can complicate the daily management of the reproductive system.
Does the pill affect my fertility?
The pill does not affect the normal sexual functioning of the uterus by changing the lining around the uterine cavity, but many women experience some side effects that can result in infertility, as well as the need for an abortion.
What do I do if I have other health problems that might be related to the Pill?
It is important to report these health conditions to your doctor or to a health care provider if you continue on with your current treatment plan or treatment, https://big-pharmacy24.com.
Is the Pill safe and effective?
For all women who have hormonal contraceptives, the risk of side effects associated with them is small, and they can be removed at any stage by your doctor. Many women experience no unwanted side effects or mild side effects. However, there is no known risk for bleeding, especially if you have a bleeding problem such as hemorrhage. In men, the pill is known to cause a small but significant decrease in libido.
A 2009 CDC study found that the Pill caused a 6.5% rate of postcoital nausea, but that this was relatively mild compared to that of other oral contraceptives and oral sex, and that it was not associated with an increased risk of venous thrombosis or cervical cancer.
What happens to the Pill after I stop taking it?
It is important to remember that women do not require longer or stronger effects from hormonal contraceptives than men, who receive longer and stronger effects from other medications.

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